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Circular FCQG-F

9272 lei

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Clasa A+++ – cea mai mare eficienta de pe piata atat pentru racire cat si pentru incalzire;

Caracteristici principale:

Tip: sistem separat. Tipul de instalare în interiorul unitu0103u021bii: montat pe perete. Suprafau021ba camerei amplasatu0103: 25 m2.

Tip compresor: invertor. Capacitate de ru0103cire: 2,4 kW.

Capacitate de încu0103lzire: 3,4 kW.

Consum / ru0103cire: 0,77 / 0,52 kW.

Dimensiunile unitu0103u021bii interioare: 30,3u044599,8u044521,2 cmDimensiunile unitu0103u021bii exterioare: 55x76,5x28,5 cm

În interiorul unitu0103u021bii: 12 kg.

Unitate bloc: 35 kg. C

uloare: alb.

You benefit from 5 innovative and award-winning technologies for their contribution to the treatment and purification tof spilled air, but also for low impact on the environment and significant energy savings

Choose as and when you want the functions available. Heating, cooling, ventilation, air purification, humidification or dehumidification. Everything at hand!

The unit has a self-cleaning air filter that helps you save at least 25% of electrical power and other maintenance operations for the appliance;

You think air jet will bother you? Never! Scanning 3 areas in the room with the intelligent eye of the unit will make the airflow flow automatically in another direction;

Each corner of the room will be air-conditioned with fresh and fresh air, so 3D airflow optimization takes care of this.

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